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I had a friend ask me recently why we started blogging. They particularly didn’t understand the point of our Do You Need a Haircut post. I thought perfect…that sounds like another post right there, I’ll have to explain why Kulani Kinis blogs.

I was semi surprised, because to me blogging seems like a natural thing to do. When you head out with friends you don’t sit in silence around one another. You talk, you share ideas, you connect. I don’t know if you can connect without putting yourself out there and that’s what blogging is all about. We like to write and hopefully you guys like to read…who knows if anyone likes to read our blog, but regardless, we persevere and we will continue.

That’s who we are and I can’t understand why so many brands are reluctant to blog. While blogs can be a lot of work, they provide a foundation of information for you girls! Our customers and fans! When mermaids around the world want to know more about Kulani Kinis, they can come here!

They can read our story and our thoughts. We can tell you what we think distinguishes us from everyone else! It’s not just our pretty prints, and that we are growing them all the time! It’s not just that we make unique pieces and something that is beautiful to wear. But I don’t think that is ever enough. Because that is something that anyone can do with enough time and dedication.


I think the key to Kulani Kinis is the people behind it and we have definitely not been shy about who we are or where we come from. You can probably comb through the internet and find out quite a bit about Dani & I. We often say to each other that Kulani Kinis is the brand for bikini lovers who want queen bee boutique swimwear at affordable prices. Why does it have to be so hard for you to have both?

We represent the girl who wants to buy something pretty, which is good quality, without forking over too much of her hard earned cash. We represent the girl who doesn’t want to be forced into buying a top and bottom, when you really just want that cute cheeky bottom. We represent the girl who understands that most bodies require you to buy a different size top to the bottom! We represent the girl who want something pretty and unique that won't fall apart after 2 or 3 wears. We represent the girl who has a couple of favourite brands or styles and can mix and match her neoprene top with our silky smooth bottoms! We represent the girl who likes colour and wants to swim, sweat and sparkle while she does it. We represent the girl who loves to wear something that makes her happy. We represent the girl who likes value. We represent affordable luxury that you have the ultimate control over. We represent ourselves. And we represent you, because we are you. We are just ordinary people that dared to create something of their own and share it with girls around the world.

And now we want to represent girls with different passions in addition to swim and we are introducing a new expression to encompass that.



Swim. Sweat. Sparkle.



Swim will forever be a huge part of what we do. And it is only going to get prettier. Sweat will encompass our passion for healthy minds, bodies and souls. Sparkle...well you will just have to wait and see what we do with that. But I promise you will love it when you see it!

What we love about blogging is it helps us tell our story in its entirety without interference. With so many girls searching online about Kulani Kinis, we want to ensure that you can find out about us, from us, rather than leaving our reputation in the hands of anyone else who chooses to blog about us. So thank you for stopping by, taking the time to learn more about us and as always – if you ever have any questions or comments, please email us – we can't wait to hear from you! 



  • Leigh Eichorn: April 25, 2019

    I got my first pair of pants this week. Love them. Awesome clothing. I will be getting more.t

  • Shanaye: September 05, 2016

    Love, love, love how unique and passionate your content of your blogs are. I also find it very empowering that your bikinis are modelled on healthy women not the stick thin malnourished models, its realistic and beautiful!!

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