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Shopping online for fashion can be as frustrating as finding sand in your bikini bottoms. So we want to make it easier for you girls. This is going to be a step by step guide as to how to find your perfect fit with the Kulani Kinis swimwear collection. We want to detail the body of each style of bikini so you know exactly what you are looking at. The last thing you want to do is buy a bikini from us, look forward to it all week and then receive it, only to find that it makes you look like less appealing than you wanted.

So lets start off with some basics. Yes we do have a sizing guide, and it you haven’t had a look at it, please do! In fact I absolutely insist that you do! Click Here and we will take you there free of charge!


But once you have had a read of the sizing guide, you might still have questions. That’s where this blog post is hoping to help. So lets go through the different bikini styles and talk about how they fit and how you should wear them.


Triangle Style


Ahhh the Triangle! This bikini top is our most popular style with our girls because it offers good support, fit and adjustability. The support in the top is given by the thick elastic band which sits under your bust and wraps around your body to give you this amazing feeling like you are being hugged by your best friend. The shoulder straps loop through the thick elastic, and can be adjusted by simply pulling them tighter or looser. The coverage is great on the triangle itself but we always get asked by girls…’what if it is cold…will people be able to tell’. Their main concern is the lack of padding on the top. Ok….so clearly we understand that some girls like to be more discrete than others. So to help them with that, any triangle style that is a lighter colour is triple layered. This amount of fabric should provide all that is required to give you adequate coverage and discretion. But if you are still worried about it, we do have plenty of padded top options for you girls which you can read about below.


Crop Style


If you are ever going to catch Dani (one of the founders) in a style, it will probably be this one. It is her favourite and she made sure it was part of the swimwear collection that Kulani Kinis offered. This is your best style for offering support and security if you are going to be doing something active at the beach or on your day out in the sunshine. There is a band of thick elastic around the base of the top that is designed to sit on your under bust, NOT....I Repeat NOT, meant to be worn so low that it is on your ribs underneath your bust. Otherwise you might find that the top won't cover as much as you would like if you wear it down there. But when worn correctly the thick strap of elastic should give 'the girls' a bit of a push up if you like that kinda thing...but it won't be so tight that it cuts off the circulation to the rest of your body either. (That's called being swim smart). This top is not adjustable and is unpadded so if that is in your criteria then you might need to check out some of our other great options.


Sports Cross Back Style


Now for all you girls that love a bit of padding, we are finally getting to some of your styles! (Hold those hands together close to your body and say a little 'Yessss' to yourself now!) Our Sports Cross Back has been there since day one and it was our first foray into something with a unique set of back straps. We wanted something unique and functional so you can actually adjust the shoulder straps and slide them along the black straps to make the top fit tighter or looser depending on what you need. The padding is also small and removable which definitely helps you customise the piece to how you want it. This top looks like a crop but we wouldn't recommend you do anything overly active in it as we don't think it will give you the support you need like the Crop will. We just want to be honest! But this is a great style and one of the originals! The padding is designed to be super soft and will mould to the shape of your bust.


Demi Style


When you start a swimwear line, one of the first things you begin to hear from every girl is that there are no good options out 'there' that provide a comfortable top with shaped padding and an underwire. (Not real wire but a strong plastic shaped appropriately). But here it is, Kulani Kinis has attempted it! For those wondering what 'demi' refers to? And how does it compare to my normal t-shirt or push-up bra? A demi cup is designed to cover about half of the bust. They are cut low across the whole cup so might take a few minutes to get used to feeling if you normally wear bras which provide full cup coverage and plunge in the centre aka your standard bra. A demi is made to not be as heavily lined as a normal push-up bra, giving you overall a more natural look. This top features a thick tie back so you can adjust the fit to how you like it and the shoulder straps also have sliders on them so you can shorten or lengthen them as required. Basically, we wanted to give our Kulani Kinis customers the flexibility to make it fit as best as possible. This was a top demanded by our girls and it is absolutely for our girls! It embodies a lot of hard work and persistence from us but it is a real treasure to wear! I think this a great top for anyone looking to have a great casual day at the beach and wants to make sure her 'girls' stay absolutely supported in the most stylish cup that you can find.


Slide Triangle Style


An absolute basic and essential in any collection of bikinis. In fact I don't know a single girl who hasn't worn this style in her life. We offer many colours and prints in this body so you can make the best choice for you. In terms of design, the strings tie around the neck and around the mid back so you can adjust the sizing as required to your body. Now some girls really prefer something that doesn't tie around the neck, so in that case make sure you stick clear of this style. But if you do love the classic nature of this body, then please jump right into one :) The triangles which provide the coverage over the bust have removable padding and can actually slide along the string that wraps around your body. Once again, this gives you girls the best option to fit the bikini to your body.


Bandeau Style


Who needs shoulder straps when you can wear a top that clings to your boobs! Some girls love strapless bikinis and others can't stand them. To be honest, we made this for the girls that love them so if you hate them....just skip to the next style. This one ain't for you! Now, what is great about this top is that is comes with padding. And the padding isn't like a wearing a dried out sponge that's gone hard because you left on the counter top for too long...this is more like a soft pillowy padding that actually feels amazing to wear and will mould to the shape of your bust. We give ourselves a bit of credit where credit is due...'thank you Kulani Kinis' :)


Cheeky Style


So if you are behind in the news, what you might not realise is that every bottom (yes I mean every style of bottom!) in the Kulani Kinis collection is actually reversible! Cue the “OMG...I get two for one realisation”!!! So most of the time we reverse our prints to block colours, but for some of our bolder prints we like to give girls the option to reverse to the same print but she can then decide whether they like the inside pattern or the outside. And then you can wear it accordingly. Not much more to say about this style as I think the name gives away most of what we were trying to achieve.....cheeky. We really should have tried to be more creative with the name but we stuck with the KISS principle on this one. Now how do you wear might think that one is simple too. Some girls like to pull them up over the waist, others like high rise back and low rise front, your choice! Just do as you want on this one!


Cheeky Tie Side Style


Designed for the girl who is terrified to buy online and just wants a safe bet. So this style is absolutely great if you don't feel comfortable guessing your size because you can make it fit you no matter what. Obviously you need to be good at tying your knots otherwise you might have a case of indecent exposure, but if you can tie your shoes, you should be fine with this one too :)


Full Style


What made us famous in the beginning is that we actually gave girls a choice to buy all of our prints in a fuller cut that covers more of your bum. Hence the name 'Full' you can see KISS principle strongly in action again in the naming process. You will find this style very similar to a cheeky cut but just gives girls who want some modesty an option to do so. Please note it doesn't provide complete coverage, we provide shape with a slight cut in but keep you covered :)


Brazilian Style


'Hello!!!' is what everyone says when they see this one! But actually this style is super comfortable. ask? Because you don't feel like you are wearing much and in the waves that is super hard to achieve! The design is made to curve over the top of your bum and will give you a great peach shape. Again this is a Dani favourite and it might be yours too if you give it a go! This is a bit of a smaller make, so definitely go one size up or you might find it a bit snug. It is designed to be worn around the waist or slightly above it, so don't be shy. Embrace the experience!


One Piece


The whole purpose of this design was to give girls something sexy and chic that you can wear in the water and then when you dry off, you can put on a pair of denim shorts and some shoes...and now you are ready for a day out doing whatever you need to do. Functional and fashionable! The one piece has a nice mid back rise with a cheeky cut around your hips so you can still show off what you need to (wink). Additionally and maybe best of all...this isn't a one piece designed for Instagram photoshoots of side you won't need to worry about falling out of the top of this one. Finding your best fit in the one piece is fairly simple, we recommend that you pick a size that works well with your jean size. By that we mean if you fit into our S bottoms and our M top, you will probably fit into S size one piece. The length of the one piece allows for stretch which helps it fit onto bigger busted girls. The other thing you always need to think about is your height when looking at the one piece, otherwise you may get a lot of material riding up where you don't want it. So if you particularly long in the torso, please have a think about that first too!

If you still have more questions after this post, please let us know! We are always happy to help any Kulani Kinis customer buy her perfect bikini!

Alex & Dani


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