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So, big news! I recently had a haircut. (Big deal I hear you say!)

Well, it was pretty drastic, and it had been over a year since my last encounter with the scissors and needless to say, it was well overdue. On reflection I think I had been so neglectful because my last cut seemed to coincide with starting Kulani Kinis. I think my idea was to start a new chapter of my life and, almost poetically, have with a new look to match.

It was meant to really help channel this new energy inside me. Then as the brand grew, I lost that basic idea (one might say I was holding on too tight) and I lost my ability to spend time on myself. It wasn't quite Bridgette Jones bad...but I was far from where I needed to be.



What caused it? Well...every second I would obsess over my bikinis! I was like an addict who couldn’t stop and, to be fair, there are far worse things to obsess over (and at least I wasn't day dreaming about Mr Darcy) so I don’t want to beat myself up for that. But this leads me to my point. I think we all (mostly girls but I am sure it affects boys too) get preoccupied and fall victim to not putting ourselves first. Life goes by at 100 miles an hour and sometimes we forget to stop and smell the roses....and do the small things like get a haircut.

Now, the ripple effect of a haircut can be profound. Believe it or mum cried when she saw me after it (like...OMG tears of look so amazing!), which in turn made me feel like crying (tears of sadness bad did I look!). I just had to shake it off and be happy that, in her eyes, I had finally seen the light! 

At the heart of it, a haircut that awakens something inside of you is something that should make you feel happy. And if an hour in a stylist’s chair can awaken your inner lioness for the better—and, beyond that, help you feel good about other choices you’re’s worth making the appointment.

There are so many things that come to mind when you think of making a change that has the potential to inspire, rejuvenate or motivate you. Depending on where you are at in life it could be, should I go university/college? Do I change jobs? Should I be a vegan? Do I start a bikini label? Basically the questions always start the same way: Do I or Should I?

My advice is that you don’t answer those question now! The old you....the long shaggy split end ridden hair version of you will interfere too much. She will pull you down and tell you that you are going just fine as is. But don't listen to her!

Take a day or your hairdresser and give yourself some TLC. Then go ask yourself that question. It may just change your life. It did for me.

Its been just over a year since we started Kulani Kinis, and we are gearing up to release our second season (spoiler: it will be better than the first!) so it seemed a fitting time for a new do. This year I promise myself a few things...I won't give my mum a reason to cry. I will smell the roses and I won't become a vegan.


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