Building A Bikini Brand - Six Secrets We Learned

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The Secret Sauce Behind Our Bikini Label

We recently sat down with Anthill Magazine to discuss and publish an article in which we would share some of our secrets on how we helped build up Kulani Kinis to what it is today! Although we know we still have a long way to go we wanted to share some of our story so we included a bit of a preview of the article and a link to full story! Please read below if you girls are interested!


When my partner and I launched our global swimwear brand, Kulani Kinis, I didn’t think I’d be trading in my nine-to-five for 24/7 of what started as an escapist side hustle — all within six months.

Today, Kulani Kinis is still a bootstrapped business and our constantly growing list of customers include ASOS, Forever 21, and ModCloth, just to name a few.

Growing the brand and shifting from my 7-year career as a psychologist to become a full-time entrepreneur has been nothing but an enriching experience. In my book, the best way to get started is to be prepared — here are my top tips on how to do just that.


1. There’s always a demand for solutions — find your own fix

Before starting Kulani Kinis, my days, nights, weekends, and holidays were dedicated to providing therapy for patients struggling with severe mental illnesses. As I was starting to feel the pressure taking its toll, I scheduled a vacation to Hawaii with my fiancé, Alex.

To my surprise, finding stylish and reasonably priced swimwear was next to impossible. That’s why I decided to create my own line of affordable, high-quality bikinis.

My partner Alex and I spent some time to analyse and see what we could buy and where we needed to sell at. We worked out the business could be profitable from day one; we just had to source our product and find customers who needed the same fix I did.


2. Discover opportunities in unlikely places and people

We started selling our swimwear primarily on a direct-to-consumer basis via Shopify....... 


If you want to read more please click this link!


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