Behind the Scenes of our Bikini Photo Shoot!

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Here at Kulani Kinis HQ, we are super excited to share our new swimwear collection for Summer 2017 with you! A lot of work goes into designing a collection, ensuring it all comes together including capturing what we want our swimwear to represent. This year and we hope every year, we want to embody fun, adventure and something for every girl!

We love a good beach shoot and the shores of Australia & Hawaii will always have our hearts (and we will certainly go back!) but since we've been spending some time in California we opted for something a little different and found ourselves poolside in Palm Springs! 

Kulani Kinis Photoshoot

Palm Springs is a small city in the Desert of Southern California about two hours out of LA. We have visited a few times and have grown an infinity with this desert oasis. Predominately known for its colourful retro homes, proximity to Coachella and iconic pools and shades, this little piece of paradise also features an amazing array of palm trees, luscious lawns and desert mountain landscapes.  

Finding the Perfect Location

Once we were set on Palm Springs as our backdrop we now needed to find the perfect place for our shoot! We had a few key points in mind...we wanted somewhere private with an amazing pool, it had to encapsulate the iconic lifestyle of Palm Springs and after speaking with some locals we found our dream home! The house was a blend of retro and modern styles, featured an amazing turquoise front door, fruits trees in the backyard and last but not least a crystal clear pool. 

If you find yourself visiting California then we definitely recommend a getaway to Palm Springs as well as a day trip to Joshua Tree National Park :) 

Kulani Kinis House

Hair & Make Up

For our shoots, we love our girls to have a natural, sunkissed glow. Susan Zeytuntsyan (an LA based MUA @susanzeymua) captured our brief and worked her magic to create a golden bronzed look. Susan is an amazing girl and made our girls feel at ease. We had a lot of fun together and Susan was always at the ready should someone need a little more shimmer or gloss! 

Kulani Kinis Hair & Makeup

The Girls

Callie (@calcattan) and Sadie (@sadie_foster) are sisters from Montana! Where to start with these two... mischievous, naturally beautiful inside and out, we were lucky to meet Callie by chance in LA and asked if she would be keen to feature in our upcoming campaign. Callie was in and told us she had a sister who was 6 feet tall and was gorgeous. She asked if we needed someone else and we were like....ah yes!!?

We could not have asked for a more perfect pair! They were so sweet! After working all day, we chilled together in the evening and loved learning about where they grew up (we even saw some super cute baby photos of these girls together!). Twenty years later and these two seem closer than ever! 

Here at Kulani Kinis it is important for us to work with girls who radiate a balance in their health of both their mind and body...positive energy is a must! Both girls grew up keeping extremely active. Callie played college level soccer, Sadie teaches yoga and both girls train weights in the gym. They also eat chocolate and carbs, trust us :) 


Callie Kulani Kinis


Sadie Kulani Kinis

Glitter Bums

It's no secret we love our Kulani Kinis girls to sparkle. 

Girls, glitter and bikinis...we don't think there's a better combination! The trick here is to apply a light coat of hairspray to your skin and then gently dust the glitter over that area. Best to do this outside though because it can get messy!

The girls absolutely loved this and if you too want to give it a go, please send us a glitter photo in your favourite Kulani Kinis piece and we promise we will share it!

Glitter Bums Kulani Kinis

The Photographer & Stylist

From time to time we work with photographers but this part of our work is our favourite so we love when we can shoot. For this one it was all us! Stylist in our case was code for organising who was wearing what, trying to capture some behind the scenes, running to grab lunch for everyone and mastering the reflector so we could make the most of the beautiful sun! 

That's all from us for now...we have a lot in store for the next twelve months and we can't wait to keep sharing our world with you...until then...take care! 

Alex & Dani XX


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