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It was so humbling and exciting to wake up one day and find myself featured in a National newspaper in Australia. Alex & I have had a lot of feedback from our feature in the Sydney Morning Herald which was written by the very talented Kate Jones.

If you want to know more about who we are and where we come from, here is a preview of the feature:

"Hawaiian beaches are a far cry from the hospital hallways of Sydney, but it's where psychologist Danielle Atkins escaped her intense workload every year.

Dealing with an ever-increasing number of mental health patients in crisis was a rewarding, but taxing, career for Atkins. After eight years, she felt it starting to take its toll and began looking for alternatives.


"Being at that pointy end, the acute side of that crisis work for that length of time, without having a long period of time off certainly led to almost feeling burnt out," she says."

If you want to read more....

Alex & I would love to help anyone else out there who might be going through the first year of starting off something and just want to chat about it! Please send us an email at and say hi :)

Sunkisses & Saltiness being sent your way!

Dani & Alex


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