Belle Lucia Shoots Our Bikinis

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Belle Lucia Shoots Our Bikinis

At Kulani Kinis HQ, we know how amazing our swimwear is, granted we may be a little biased ;) But we want to share with you girls more of the inspiration for a few of the pieces in our newest collection. We couldn't be happier with the collection and we would love to say thank you to everyone for all the love being showered on our new creations.

We had an incredible opportunity to work with bombshell Belle Lucia (model) and Bonnie Cee (Photographer) in Bali to showcase some of the new bikinis and hopefully you continue to fall in love with them! We can't wait to see girls across the world rock these bikinis! 

So Who is Bonnie Cee?

Bonnie is a Sydney based photographer who we absolutely love and adore! We met Bonnie while she was in LA travelling and we had such a great time with her. We sat down and had coffee together in Downtown LA for almost three hours and talked about bikinis, fashion and all things photography. Such a lovely girl and hugely talented, it's no wonder that she works with some of the most recognisable models in Australia at the moment. (@bonniecee)

And....Who is Belle Lucia?

Belle is an absolute mega babe who is in her final year of a nursing degree. Sweet and beautiful on both the inside and out, we can't get enough of her sunkissed and soft look! (@belle_lucia)

The Swimwear

Unicorn Tuxedo

Around the pool or at the beach, this would definitely be a conversation starter, and is perfect for girls who love to dream or you might just be obsessed with unicorns! In this bikini, we wanted to keep it cute and fun yet include a little lust...and we nailed it! The bottoms are fully reversible to a black and white vertical pinstripe and thats why we called it the Unicorn Tuxedo. That way if you want something a bit more serious you can flip the bottoms inside out and you have a bikini with a more sophisticated look.

Kulani Kinis Bikini Unicorn Tuxedo

Belle Lucia wearing size S


Peach Puff

The Peach Puff is inspired by the tropics; mixing aquamarine palm leaves on a soft peach base. It reminds us of long days in the water followed by dusky sunsets in the evening. The bottoms are fully reversible to a solid peach hue so if you want to change it up, you could pair these bottoms with a solid black top and you would have another beautiful combination! 

Kulani Kinis Peach Puff

Belle Lucia wearing size S


One Piece - Lilac & Aquamarine

We looked back through the decades for the inspiration of this piece and wanted to create something vintage and seductful. We have a beach umbrella from the 1970s (don't worry it's from our parents!!) and it pairs the two colours featured in this swimsuit hence the inspo! This pastel creation is one of our faves!! 

Kulani Kinis One Piece Bikini

Belle Lucia wearing size S


Nude Zebra

So what does a nude zebra look like you ask? Well we hope it looks as good as this!

The bottoms on this bikini are reversible to our signature nude neutral, and when you mix that with the stripes, I hope the inspiration for the name becomes clearer :) You can't go wrong with this black and white classic. Hot Tip* Some girls pair this crop with the Unicorn Tuxedo Bottoms. 

Kulani Kinis Bikini Nude Zebra

Belle Lucia wearing size S



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Until next time!

Much Love!

Alex & Dani


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