Bahamas: Where To Go & What To Do!

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Sometimes there are perks to having a bikini label! I won't sugar coat it – there are a lot of late nights and weekends involved but if I had to pick the best thing about the business, it would be that you need to travel to tropical locations for photo-shoots. Here we enter the topic of this blog.


The Bahamas!

Earlier this year we were lucky to spend some time exploring what I would describe as ‘one of the most magical places on earth’. Keeping in mind I love basking in the sun, swimming in the ocean & relaxing under palm trees...if this sounds like you then pop this place onto your bucket list! Or better yet, just book a flight now!

Now I know Instagram & Pinterest are full of pretty images of tropical destinations but incase you have never heard/seen of the Bahamas, let me give you a quick lay of the land.

The Bahamas is made up of close to 700 islands sprinkled throughout the aquamarine waters of the Caribbean. They are tiny islands and most of them are untouched. You can fly between a few of the bigger ones, but a lot of the locals use boats to get around all the smaller ones. If you can scrape together enough pennies you can actually own an island (#goals) and spend the rest of your days in perfect bikini weather. Fresh seafood is everywhere. And the locals are extremely kind hearted and a lot of fun!


How to get there?

Well it depends on which of the 700 or so islands you choose to visit. We chose the Exumas. Now if you go into Google and type ‘clearest water in the Bahamas’, this set of islands comes up first. No joke. Try it now! Amazingly it is relatively easy to travel to (well once you've made your way to Miami which may be quite a trek for some reading this!) – from Miami airport you can take a short 45 minute flight and yes cocktails are served on the flight!


Where to stay?

We stayed in Georgetown which was close to the airport and had access to beautiful beaches! Depending on your budget and preference you can stay at a resort, small boutique hotel or rent a house. When we go back we will be staying at Stanial Cay which is part of the Exumas but off the main island. If you have ever seen a photo-shoot by Frances Duque this is where she is based!


What to do?

Swim. Take photos. Wear bikinis. Talk to the locals. Make sure you don't spend all of your time at one beach or cay. Explore all that the islands have to offer! We found a local called ‘Captain Yellow’ (@capitano_yellow) who showed us around for the day! He was amazing and took great care of us, and showed us some of the following sights.


The Infamous Swimming Pigs

The first thing my Dad said to me when I said I was going to go swimming with the pigs was why out of all of the animals in the ocean would you choose to swim with pigs? Well Dad because they are cute! Legend has it that these pigs were brought to the islands hundreds of years ago by European explorers. They are highly motivated by food so be prepared to be mobbed if you are carrying anything edible.


Compass Cay

Next stop was Compass Cay. The water here is crystal clear. Clearer than a swimming pool! The water is warm, the temperature outside was spot on for a dip…perfect place for a swim you say! Well here I decided NOT to jump in. Those that did risked their fingers & toes by swimming with 20 or so sharks. Albeit they were nurse sharks...I'm still recovering from watching Shark Week...


Thunderball Grotto

Aptly named as featured significantly in an old James Bond movie. The tide has to be just right for you to safely enter and once inside it is breathtaking. You find yourself in a cave with a natural skylight allowing the sun to pour in and light up the water. Great to snorkel & dive down into the depths to explore! And if you like swimming with fish, this is the place to do it!


Sand Bar Stop

Part of our day was spent splashing about on one of the many natural sand bars. I hadn't experienced silky, soft sand like this before!! Also nearby you might be lucky enough to spot Taylor Swift jetting to stay at Faith & Tim McGraw’s holiday house or David Copperfield as he takes a break from Vegas one of this 11 private islands.


Some Snaps! (Video)

These are just some of my highlights! We captured a tiny bit of footage and would love to share it with you! (Credit: to the Periwinkle Cheeky One Piece for starring & Allan for editing @allnferreira; website:



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